About Transition-One

Transition-One is a company founded by Aymeric Libeau in 2018.
Transition-One converts vehicles into modern cars: electric, connected and affordable.
The electric conversion is one of the answers to decarbonize our mobility in the face of the climate emergency.
Transition-One is a company with economic, ecological, employment & mobility, health and societal impact. Transition-One is a founding member of the AIRe association (French association of Actors in the Electric Retrofit Industry).

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Our mission

Transition-One aims to respond to the ecological transition in the automotive field by developing solutions to impact CO2 emissions.

Reduce our
CO2 emissions

our mobilities

Extend life
of our vehicles

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Our ambitions

In 2040, sale of internal-combustion vehicles in France will be banned. Why wait until 2040 to have an electric car? How to take the electric step without buying a new car?
Those are the questions we want to answer.

100% electric
Transition-One helps you become the proud owner of an affordable electric car.

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We choose to go to the moon

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12 septembre 1962